01 - Mohan
Mohan Gurunathan

Co-Founder, Hardware and Systems Lead

Mohan is an Electrical and Systems engineer with over 20 years of experience designing electronics for a wide variety of markets and applications, including optical networking, robotics, medical devices, space systems, scientific equipment, and more. His electronics appear in products ranging from satellite telemetry systems to kidney dialysis machines, and even a robot that plays air-hockey (and usually wins). Mohan’s recent experience as the technical lead for a ventilator project prompted him to start Project RED, along with his former colleague Edward. Mohan has a S.B. and M.Eng in Electrical Engineering from MIT.

02-Edward Ayrapetian
Edward Ayrapetian

Co-founder, Software Lead

Edward is an embedded systems engineer with over 15 years experience designing products for the commercial, medical, and space industries. His areas of expertise include real-time system design, safety-critical code, signal processing, and control system design. Edward and Mohan worked together on many past projects, including satellite telemetry systems, an air-hockey playing robot, and a low-cost ventilator design, where Edward was the FPGA and software architect. This is what prompted him to join Mohan in starting the RED project. He is currently a Senior Engineer at Amazon Lab126.

03-David Laone
David Laone

Software Engineer

David Laone is an embedded software consultant living and working in Silicon Valley. He specializes in developing firmware to control peripherals and devices in a bare-metal and RTOS environment. He enjoys working on fast-paced projects, especially when they can make a difference in the world.

Murat Ozkan

Software Engineer

Murat hails from the great land of Canada, but for nearly 15 years has been developing high quality embedded software in Silicon Valley. Murat has written code for everything from medical devices to self-driving trucks to proximity-sensing LED jackets. If it's got hardware, software, and something cool to put it all in, chances are he's into it.

05-Rajeev Patel
Rajeev Patel, MD

Medical Advisor

Dr. Rajeev Patel is an Assistant Professor of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine and Program Director for Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship at Stony Brook University. Dr. Patel is an expert at using ventilators to treat patients in a critical-care setting. He advises Team Red on medical questions and participates in key design decisions to help achieve a safe, effective, and intuitive ventilator design.

06-Dave Swift
Dave Swift

Consulting Respiratory Therapist

Dave Swift, RRT has been a Registered Respiratory Therapist for 38 years. He spent 37+ years working in acute care and trauma at The Ottawa Hospital Civic site, where he was a campus coordinator and a charge RT. For two years he was the Respiratory Lead on the federal National Office of the Emergency Healthcare Emergency Response Team (NOHERT), and for 4 years he was accreditator for CoARTE (an RT program accreditation program). Dave is a regular contributor/author for the Respiratory Care Advance journal. He loves being an RT!

07-Felipe Varela
Felipe Varela

Mechanical Engineer

Felipe is a Product Design/Mechanical Engineer with over 20 years experience in consumer products, ranging from mobile phones to smart speakers and wearables. He has been a mentor for high school students on the FIRST robotics competition, and more recently coach for his daughters' soccer teams. Originally from Colombia, a major draw to Project RED is the potential to help people in less developed countries. Felipe is currently a Sr Product Design Engineer at Amazon Lab126 in California.

Itai Leshniak

Hardware Engineer

Itai has 20 years of experience in product design in both electronics software and mechanical. His areas of expertise include real-time system design, motion control system (mechatronics) design, electromechanics, power electronics, analog electronics, light science and IoT. Itai is helping the team with the mechanical design and DFM. He is currently a Senior Manager at Amazon Lab126.

09-Aram Ayrapetian
Aram Ayrapetian

Business Development

Aram comes from a background of law, executive management, and finance. He founded and operates the law firm Novum Patent Services and serves as CEO of the public investment company Pushfor Investments. Previously, he was General Counsel of Quantenna Communications and held management roles in the private equity, investment banking, and high-tech sectors. Aram holds a JD and MBA from Santa Clara University and a Mechanical Engineering degree from UCLA. He is a member of the State Bar of California.

10-Cressida Harding
Cressida Harding


Cressida started her EE career 20+ years ago working in cameras and computer vision for automotive and ISP design before submitting to full-time management. She currently manages the camera software team at Amazon's Lab126 and lives in Cambridge, UK.

Reza Golshan

Technical Manager

Reza Golshan has over 25 years of experience in Chip/System design and project management for wireless communication systems. He earned his B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. from University of Manchester in England. Reza has worked for Bell Labs, Fujitsu Microelectronics, TI, and various startups including Mimosa Networks acquired by Airspan, prior to joining Amazon. Currently Reza is working at Amazon Lab126 as a senior Technical Program Manager for the Wireless Hardware team.

Mathew Bailey

Mechanical Engineer

Matthew Bailey is a Partner & VP Product Engineering at Design1st, a product design and engineering firm based in Ottawa, Canada. Matthew has been building physical products from industrial robotics to mass produced consumer goods for the past 15 years. Outside of his day job, he’s a dad and a husband who also loves building combat robots for the Battlebots TV Series for the past 3 seasons. Matthew is also an active mentor to High School students in the FIRST Robotics Competition.

Mark Demers

Team Builder

Mark is a Technical Sales and Marketing professional in the optical networking industry. For over 25 years, Mark has pulled together teams for various engineering projects. He was a key player in getting Project RED off the ground by bringing together some of the early team members. Mark is also a veteran Battlebots competitor, having built combat robots for over 15 years, including the world super- heavyweight combat robot champion for 4 years, Ziggy.

14-David Kennedy
David Kennedy

Software Engineer

David Kennedy has had a varied career in software for over 20 years, including graphical software, embedded systems, and various forms of middleware. His notable experience includes over 10 years experience coding graphical technical applications using Qt, custom Linux distribution creation, device drivers, and embedded systems support.

15-Alex Leblanc
Alex Leblanc

Electronics Engineer

Alex is a hardware designer from Waterloo, ON, Canada, with an interest in power electronics, analog electronics, electromechanics, and mechatronics.

Charlie Wartnaby

Software Engineer

After a PhD in physical chemistry, Charlie Wartnaby has spent 25 years in automotive software, with wide-ranging projects from low-level production code to systems modeling, self-driving car control and Windows tools. Charlie is based in Cambridge, UK.

Lesley Pandian

Web Developer

Lesley has 4 year experience in Full-Stack Software development. He was a Full-Stack Software at Thomson Reuters, Eagan, MN from 2016-2018. He is currently a Software Engineer at AmazonLab126 in Sunnyvale, CA.