Project RED is grateful for all the support it gets from our partners.

Integrated Computer Solutions

Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS) specializes in delivering brilliant user experiences through a combination of expert UI/UX design and software engineering. ICS creates functional, modern and safety-qualified interfaces for products ranging from kitchen appliances to automotive infotainment systems to life-critical medical devices. For Project Red, ICS is assisting with development of the ventilator touchscreen GUI.

Paaila Technology

Paaila Technology is a unique and innovative Robotics and AI company founded in Kathmandu, Nepal. Paaila’s aim is to create world-class, friendly and interactive humanoid robots that perform valuable services to businesses and consumers alike. Paaila has created and deployed several service robots, including Ginger (a waiter robot), Pari 2 (a business assistant robot), and Pari 1 (a chat-robot). Their waiter robot is featured at the restaurant NAULO, Nepal’s first fully digitized robotic restaurant (and possibly the only one in East Asia). The company has won numerous awards, including ICT Best Startup Award (2017), Most Innovative Product Award (2017), and Most Creative Business Nepal (2018). Paaila has partnered with Project RED to develop low-cost ventilators specifically for the Nepal market, where the total number of in-country ventilators numbers in the hundreds, for a population of 28 million.

Nuvation Engineering

Nuvation Engineering is a world-class electronics product design firm located in Silicon Valley and Waterloo, Canada. Over 22 years Nuvation has completed over 1000 engineering design projects for customers large and small, across a wide range of markets and applications. Nuvation is also a leader in the development of high quality battery and energy management systems. For Project Red, Nuvation was kind enough to donate working lab space as well as hardware design CAD software.


Polyspectra is an additive manufacturing startup in Berkeley, California, which is bringing to market an advanced new polymer discovered during PhD research at CalTech. The Cor Alpha polymer is the most rugged 3D printable material on the market today, and can stand up to intense heat, pressure and impact forces. Polyspectra was kind enough to provide free 3D printed samples of critical parts needed for ventilator research and development.


Formlabs is a 3D printing technology developer and printer manufacturer based in Somerville, Massachusetts. The company was started in 2011 by three MIT Media Lab students, and has grown to be one of the leading makers of industrial quality SLA and SLS 3D printers. Formlabs is supporting Project RED by providing 3D printed sample parts for use in our prototype ventilators.

HLH Prototypes

HLH Prototypes is a high-quality rapid prototyping company in Shenzhen, China. They have a vast range of mechanical fabrication capabilities, including: CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, 3D printing, injection molding, silicone mold soft-tooling, metal and plastic polishing, and more. They offer excellent customer service and DFM consultation for new designs. HLH is the primary prototype manufacturer for Project RED. HLH has generously offered Project RED a discount on prototype part fabrication costs, to help with the COVID-19 crisis.


Pronello Competition Research is an Argentinian research and development firm founded by one of Argentina’s leading engineers, Sr. Heriberto Pronello. Pronello develops advanced technology used in the automotive racing industry as well as equipment for manufacturing and other industries. Pronello offers strong expertise in mechanical design and manufacturing, and has partnered with Project RED to develop ventilators that can be manufactured and deployed within Argentina.