We are a non-profit developing an affordable, highly reliable ventilator to provide life-support for anyone in the world who needs it.

Our Goal

Our goal is to develop an emergency ventilator which is affordable ($3K to $4K), reliable, easy to build, intuitive to use, and effective at treating the most common respiratory conditions associated with COVID-19 and similar illnesses. We have developed an initial working prototype and are currently working towards building 9 more units as we refine the design. Once the design is finalized, our plan is to license the design to governments and/or NGOs who are qualified to manufacture and distribute these ventilators in regions of need.

There are many teams now working on low-cost ventilator designs, but what distinguishes Project RED is that our founders have experience designing ventilators. As engineers with a solid understanding of medical ventilator design, we are uniquely positioned to develop a fast-track ventilator solution which can be rapidly scaled up to help meet the needs of the global population.

Project RED is a non-profit organization enabled by the support of generous donors. Please consider supporting us to help bring affordable, life-saving healthcare to regions of the world where it is desperately needed. Thank you!



Our ventilator design is based on a high-speed blower which is capable of providing the pressure and flow necessary to ventilate a patient's lungs.

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